Terms of service

Maths Effect is a service that offers online mathematics tuition. It is the intention of the site to provide the best methods and instruction. The service is provided 'as-is' meaning that we do not take any responsibility for any minor or major errors throughout the site, deletion or manipulation of data or the unavailability of the service.

By joining Maths Effect we have granted you access to our content for the use of the stated service above. You agree to not copy our work or source code in any way. Your access cannot be transferred or sold. You agree to only access the content using a browser and our website portal.

Manager accounts

To sign up for Maths Effect, you must be aged eighteen (18) or older. These users are refereed to as 'managers'. Managers may add a user under the age of eighteen, but must have permission from the child's parent/ward with their full understanding of the data the site will store. Managers have a responsibility to ensure that their personal data is kept up-to-date.

Types of manager

Managers can be parents, tutors or teachers. When signing up, a parent may select a 'tutor' or 'teacher' account as they require more children on the account. This is within our terms. Any type of account holder can select any type of account. The labels on the registration page (parent, tutor, teacher) are only intended as a guide. The amount of children that can be added is the only difference in features between the accounts.


All payments for the site are made up front at the beginning of the agreed term. Upon signing up, the first payment must be made before you can use the site.


You may cancel your account at any time. The easiest way of doing this is by logging in and doing this in the menu. You may also contact us.

Cancellations can only happen at the end of the currently paid-for term and there are no refunds, either full or partial.


Maths Effect is a subscription site and subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled using the card/account you have defined for us to use. You can change/update this card in your logged-in area. By registering with Maths Effect you agree for this to happen.

We reserve the right to change prices without notice. This will not affect your subscription until your renewal.

Your responsibilities

By registering with us you agree to keep your password and account safe. This includes ensuring you log out of the website when you are no longer using it, and notifying us immediately with any problems with your account. We hold no responsibility for any damages that may occur from breaches that may occur on the user's end.


We may require to contact managers throughout your subscription term. We will never contact students that the manager has added to their account directly.

Issues with service

If you have any issues with any part of the service, you agree to contact us in the first instance to ensure that the issue can be resolved.

Terms of service changes

Minor changes to our terms of service may be made without notification. For major updates, we may notify users upon logging into the site. Continuing use of the service constitutes agreement of the changes.