Maths Effect is an online learning platform that uses unique and innovative approaches to help students reach their full potential in maths.

What's included with Maths Effect?

Keeping track

Parents, tutors and teachers can keep track all along the journey, allowing them to support and reassure their student throughout. Students can even set weekly targets for themselves.

Feeling the progress

The Journey constantly reassures students of the progress they are making, showing full working out for questions they are struggling on and letting them retry to check understanding.

Works on any device

Maths Effect works on mobile phones, tablets (e.g. iPads), laptops and desktops giving students access whenever they want to learn.

Topics perfected

As well as perfecting the skills, a topic can be pushed further to extend understanding and mastery of the subject.

Problem? No problem!

Working out is provided for every question and illustrates the best way of obtaining the answer.

Maths all in one place

Maths Effect includes everything needed to succeed with the maths GCSE, saving time not having to search between different sites for support.

"The questions have an excellent explanation...I feel more confident."

Eamon - student
"Keeping track of my daughter's maths has never been easier. Thank you."

Anil - parent
"With other sites, I didn't know where to start...this shows me what to do."

Samantha - student
"It's been so easy to use for me and my students...definitely recommend."

Mr Abebe - tutor
"I feel myself getting better each week...I don't need to go anywhere else."

Deshi - student
All parent accounts allow up to 3 children to be added.
All tutor accounts allow up to 10 children to be added.
School accounts have a selection of options.
The Journey

Students always know what their next step is. Maths Effect leads its students through a journey to ensure understanding in all aspects of maths.

The Journey Card

Students complete skill questions, which are the building blocks of the topic, to complete the card.
Students can then choose to tackle the three trials:

Skill Trial

A random selection of skill questions from the topic.

Master Trial

Real-life and problem solving questions.

Ultimate Trial

Harder questions on the topic, or questions with a twist.

Mini Papers

  • Unlocked as students progress through the Journey
  • Help student check understanding in all topics 'so far'
  • Includes recent and older topics
  • Best and 'Last 5' scores are saved to show progression

Full Papers

  • Full (80 mark) Calculator and Non-Calculator papers
  • Full Grade papers (e.g. Grade 5)
  • Full Topic papers (e.g. Algebra)
  • Performance analysis with every paper


  • Ongoing weekly targets can be set
  • Targets can be changed at any time
  • Targets have a full analysis of success
  • Targets show when the journey will be completed

Revision Wall

  • Keeps track of all the information that the student will need
  • Simple to use with only essential information
  • Can be customised to aid memory
  • Includes a 'fill the blanks' test of the cards

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